Remanufactured Equipment

Remanufactured Equipment:

Equipment Program Options

Join us as we reduce waste in landfills and conserve energy through our remanufactured equipment program for qualified operators. Our program has helped eliminate more than 100,000 cubic feet of waste from our nation's landfills.

Together, we're making a difference.

In keeping with Seattle’s Best Corporate Shared Responsibility, Seattle’s Best Foodservice is proud to offer customers the option to receive remanufactured brewing equipment in addition to new equipment. Through the use of the remanufacturing program which began in 2000, Seattle’s Best Coffee has been able to eliminate over 100,000 cubic feet of waste from our nation’s landfills. Approx. 15% of entire loaned brewing equipment fleet is remanufactured.

Remanufacturing is the process of disassembly of products during which time parts are cleaned, repaired or replaced then reassembled to sound working condition.

Benefits of using remanufactured equipment vs. new equipment:

  • Reduced landfill waste – reuse of equipment vs. disposing or recycling keeps products out of the waste stream longer.
  • Energy conservation – the remanufacturing process uses less energy to produce a finished product vs. the energy used to create a new item.
  • Reduced air pollution – reuse of equipment reduces the number of items that need to be disposed of through the process of smeltering."


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